Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lambretta model Moped

1959. The one stream hold type structure was light and firm, and used a 47.75cc website. When not being effective at 1.7bhp the two rate gearbox made the 48 capable of 31mph. A tiny gas container built into the structure, air narrow also located within the structure and 1 hold offered this tiny Lambretta the participant The first moped presented by Lambretta was the 48 II, which was released in The month of january the primary needs. The 48 could be used as a common cycle by disengaging the your pedal generate. A tiny device box was installed within the raise carrier, and the 48 came complete with a pump motor for the car tyres.

The 48 II was changed in 1966 by the Lambrettino, which saw the most basic website Lambretta created at just 39cc. Many inexpensive parts were used, such as website includes, front lights, and gas container Two rate, fully automated, this style even included a handle which diminished fatigue pressure by going the fatigue device, for reduce of starting. Company motivated, but not dark as per common Lambretta applications, and so Innocenti covered it through a series protect, spoked tires with looking hyperlinks were other features of the 'Lambrettiono' as the style was known. The Lambrettino was a very warrior town cycle, such were the styles simple requirements that raise suspensions was avoid, but instead the one hold was jumped for participant comfort.

The last style in the moped range was the Lambrettino SX, this came with a greater 49cc website. The SX style also obtained a form of CVT, regular adjustable tranny. The CVT used 2 pulleys that assorted across, these were linked by a plastic trapezoid gear. The size of the handle assorted according to the rate of the rim. Drive was then taken to the raise rim was through two organizations. The SX was very similar to the common Lambrettino with regards to looks and equipment. Plastic systems, no raise suspensions apart from the individuals hold all saw a primary style that was inexpensive and easy to use.


Lambretta 48 II
Production ran from The month of january 1959 to Goal 1961 with a complete Italian language development of 24,640

Length : 1900mm
Width: 620mm
Height : 1000mm
Weight : 44kg
Capacity : 47.75cc
Bore : 40mm
Stroke : 38mm
Power : 1.7hp @ 5,000 rpm
Max speed 31mph
Fuel Consumption 169 mpg

Colours : Grey (8041), Red (8045) and Blue
Frame Numbers :
Engine Numbers : Not Known
Carburettor Dell'Orto T4-12S
Tyre Size 2.00*22
Ft pressure 21 lb/
R pressure 36 lb/

Lambrettino and Lambrettino SX
Production ran from We have seen 1966 to November 1997 with a complete development of 15,676. The SX style was created from July 1967 until We have seen 1968 with 8,922 created.

Length : 1652mm
Width: 657mm
Height : 998mm
Weight : 40.7kg
Capacity : 39cc Lambrettino
49c SX
Bore : 40mm
41.4mm SX
Stroke : 31mm
36mm SX
Power : 1.2hp @ 4,500 rpm
Max speed Unknown
Fuel Consumption Unknown

Colours : Green, Grey, Ivory, Orange,
Frame Numbers :
Engine Numbers : Not Known
Carburettor Dell'Orto SH 14/12
Tyre Size 2.00*18
Ft pressure 24 lb/
R pressure 34 lb/


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