Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lambretta model TV Range

Production began in March 1962 by the new flagship, the TV175. The new "fine style" range of scooters Innocenti function closer working the body and then the two models is occasional, new side panels with a band without problems in the bulb to replace the old model. Shields legs fine new floor panels, front and center. The helmet has a slight edge hexagon with a speedometer as news, the lights were controlled mainly by a switch in various positions, with one bathroom and switch on the handlebar road with a horn button. The front fender is made from fiberglass, perhaps in an attempt to gain weight. The TV was also the first production of two wheeled vehicles to gain a disc brake, this was a joint venture between Innocenti and an Italian company called Campagnolo.

Engine wise TV175 received a new small SH / 1 series carburetor 20mm Dellorto, improved airflow, porting and exhaust, so all the power a little 8.7bhp. New motor mount vibration more smooth, but not quite so many new machines would vibrate on crossed.

Again, in mid-production changes with them as soon as possible to take the collar mounting panels, with the look and become more round for the panel flashes three fingers on the work of the panel into the recess in the front and rear. First color options-white, and white as dominant color, yellow or orange on the second, on the Horn of the cast and fender were some of the many colors available. Finally, two shades of light gray / dark gray and ivory / coffee was available, with the new models are available in white or metallic blue. Metallic blue has had its own metallic blue rear frame signs. In October 1965, television was just over 37,794 in the 3175 building, not just a series of two similar figures are due to arrival of a new flagship, the TV (GT), 200

It was crazy 200cc British power finally put into production. Peter Agg, CEO Lambretta Ltd distributor in the UK, went to get the machine Innocenti higher speed over quality. He refused to be told that they would not make the engines more powerful, if the British wanted larger machines must be purchased motorcycles. But Peter Agg persisted Innocenti and finally decided that the British could have a greater capacity, but the dealers have to cover the guarantee that Innocenti did not approve the model. So the 200cc became available, a standard 175cc machine, with slight modifications to the mouth of the casing, bored 198cc and the rest, as they left the factory. The 200 was a success, with great acceleration and speed than ever before, but then the problems started with the engine mounts could not cope and escape falling.

These problems have been solved by placing two blocks on both sides of the mounting bracket and a second muffler, and the rest of the world soon learned that the British had their car, where the demand for forces to produce the correct TV Innocents. Any changes to the UK was held in collaboration with the machines of different relationships and carbohydrates updated, all by improving the output power 10.75bhp to 70 mph. TV 200 was sold in France, Switzerland, United States, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom, but not in Italy, so it's a small business success is built of 14 short-batch production, which ended in October 1965 982. Once again, listening to the heart of the production of small changes to the TV 175, 200 Gt Britain was known as the trend in car takes its name from the GT, or Gran Turismo.


Length : 1800mm
Width: 700mm
Height : 1035mm
Weight : 110kg
Capacity : 175cc and 198cc
Bore : 62mm 175
66mm 200
Stroke : 58mm
Power : 8.7hp @ 5300rpm 175
10.75hp @ 5700rpm 200
Max speed 58mph 175
70mph 200
Fuel Consumption 118 mpg

Colours : Grey (8011), White (8059), Metallic Blue(8062), Yellow (8064), panel colours for TV200 painted by Lambretta Concessionaires of Red, Green, Gold, Blue, or Black
Frame Numbers : 175 TV3
Engine Numbers : 175 TV2
Carburettor Dell'Orto SH1/20
Tyre Size 3.50*10
Ft pressure 18 lb/
R pressure 28 lb/


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