Monday, September 12, 2011

Model C

Model C has started production in February 1950 and ended in 1952. This was also the first car, which was officially introduced in Britain, and during that time period, almost 150.00 Model C and LC were produced and sold mainly in Italy - a huge increase in production, "" & B "models.

The engine, although structurally similar to those of previous versions, has a direct air-cooled 123 cc, the engine block was now firmly attached to the frame so that the rear suspension was carried out using the compressed spring rod axis. Power 4.3 hp left, and C has been tried and trusted Dell'Orto MA16 carbohydrates and 3-speed transmission. Flex continues to maintain a telecommunications cable. The maximum speed was also listed in 44 mph is not changed, even if C had received 10 kg of weight. Fuel consumption has been quoted to be between 120-140mpg. Model C also retained the heat directly into the cylinder, obtained by the forward movement of the scooter

Unlike models A and B, model C was now full of a tubular frame. The fuel tank under the frame of the front seat and optional rear seat is also mounted in the same period. Under the back seat was still sitting in the instrument kit, but a part of the frame, to be held this year instead of an oval-shaped connector, welded to the frame. Handlebars were similar in design and the bicycle handle bars, a large round headlight was installed at the same time, the rear light units was now a smaller roundabout, which was mounted above the rear license plate.

Front suspension scooter was achieved by using the steering gear. Model C had drum brakes front and rear, the rear brake is operated through the mechanism operated foot rod. . In November 1951 a total of 87 500 C model will be produced in different colors, because they are green, brown, blue and red. Many of the options began to appear for Lambretta scooters are now available for many of you have had the 'C', such as Speedo, horn cover, spare wheel, floor mats, and protection from the elements in the form of added protection for the legs bolt, as well as some other things so you can edit the Lambretta.


Length : 1730mm
Width: 730mm
Height : 920mm
Weight : 70kg
Capacity : 123cc
Bore : 52mm
Stroke : 58mm
Power : 4.3hp @ 4,200 rpm
Max speed 44mph
Fuel Consumption 110 mpg @ 30mph

Colours : Green(8027), Grey, Beige(8011) & Red
Frame Numbers : Start from: 50,001 and run to 135,501
Engine Numbers : Not Known
Carburettor Dell'Orto MA16
Tyre Size 4.00*8
Ft pressure 16 lb/
R pressure 24 lb/


Anonymous said...

My father owned one of these in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He made a small trailer for it and made deliveries with it for hire (moonlighting from his regular job). He did not own a car until shortly before we emigrated to the USA in 1964. It was our sole source of family transportation until then. I vaguely recall standing on the floor between my dads arms, mom on pillion holding baby brother. Sad to say, I have no photos of it.

Robert Arance
Santa Paula, CA

Unknown said...

Sir I have lambretta 1952 model and I want to restore it, but I don't have some parts like fuel tank and the storage behind the fuel tank so please help me. My mobile no is +91 9825066229

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