Monday, October 3, 2011

Model Li Series 2

October 1959 as a series 2 coming on the market, launched with the slogan Lambrettability see exciting new places, enjoy new experiences exciting and take advantage of great new friends Lambrettability!. Advertisements featuring a photograph of a man and a woman on a beach next to a Lambretta S2. Ads also continued in a state of "Lambretta scooter popular in the UK. It was the truth, because Li 150 Series 2 was the best-selling model they ever made, with 150 and 125 versions of 270,000 examples were made.

Engine wise a few changes have been made in the first series, the longer the cylinder and piston has been installed, all the models with air extraction systems were the latest versions from a series, with the air intake between the two seats or benches on the case and the pigsty, where the power down the carburetor through the metal pipe, then, on top of the rubber tube to join the carb. Carburartion went to the one-size-MB19, BS5 for 125 and 150 for BS7

Series 2, now with a lighthouse built on the upper hull, which toured with management. Li 125 models come with standard front seat, while the 150 was back too. The back of the 125 was an economical choice and a single seat. Ground was 125 to 150 different models, the 125 had a gray rubber floor with chains "cross cross" alloy top. Versions have alloy 150 channels with rubber inserts in them, to finish with rubber tips. Changes in production were half of the backlight back style first found in the first series of Li, the lighting in the area offer more the latter. Again, depending on the model of the first series, the first examples of the second set kept the door round horn, with which after moving to a larger grille, pear-shaped horns.

Li was the badging on the same time "Lambretta wheel cover" as the first set of models. Shields leg was a ridge in the middle of the horn casting, which hid two bolts to help secure the cast of horn, and the badge clip. On the leg shields was fitted a thin chrome Lambretta badge, with either a badge or LI125 LI model 150 under it, re-chromed. UK models also gained a copper plate round, with St Georges dragon on it. All the rubber gaskets and the body is gray, with control cables, except the following: - The rubber feet were black and kick stand, rear light seal body is white. Further improvements were primarily the engine, let alone crankshaft and bearings. Colors for the two series have generally been two-tone red / black, blue / gray, coffee / cream, yellow / orange with gray, then complete the mistletoe green, Winchester, blue, light blue and red. Most seats come with seat separate, later, they came with a double seat as standard.

The new models were even cheaper than a series of models that have replaced the Innocenti contribute to the sale.


Length : 1825mm
Width: 710mm
Height : 1038mm
Weight : 105kg
Capacity : 123cc & 150cc
Bore : 52mm (125) 58mm (150)
Stroke : 58mm
Power : 5.2hp @ 5,200 rpm 125cc
6.5hp @5,300
Max speed 43mph Li 125
50mph Li 150
Fuel Consumption 120 mpg

Colours : Blue (8031) & two tone Grey (8040 & 8019) Li 125's
Blue & Grey (8014) Panel colours Red (8047), Blue (8031) and Green(8015) Li 150's
Frame Numbers : After the prefix of either 125Li or 150Li depending on engine size, the frame number will consist of 6 digits. The first Li 125 series 1 would have the frame number 5000,001 and the first 150 model would have the frame number 7000,001.
Engine Numbers : 125Li & 150Li
Carburettor Dell'Orto MB 18 BS5 125
MB19BS 150
Tyre Size 3.50*10
Ft pressure 18 lb/
R pressure 28 lb/


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