Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lambretta Model Vega / Lui / Cometa

As the battle to be the first individual on the celestial satellite obtained speed, Innocenti's new fashion was released, the Luna array (Luna indicating gold moon). The models searched very superior for their day, reverting back to the start structure fashion of the much popular 'D' types, and although revenue were slowly to start with, sporting achievement from lawn following to enterprise sporting, soon created them a revenue achievement. Created by Bertone Innocenti desired a tiny structure and website Lambretta that could be available along side the greater styles. The structure was tubular material entry end, with secure on leg safety measures, and a monocoque constrained material raise structure. Engine sensible two designs were available with regards to measurements, 50cc and 75cc. Model sensible you could choose from the J50C, J50CL and J50S for the small 50cc styles, and the J75S and J75S Cometa for the greater applications. For the Italian language industry the styles were named Lui, all move areas on the 75cc designs were named Vega or Cometa, the latter being famous mainly by offering "lubematic" an oil treatment program for the energy program.

The J50 C was the starting fashion, both the C and the CL included a 49.8cc website, three rates, developing 1.48hp, through a box variety fatigue. 3.00*10 in. car tyres sat on rim wheels created from certain aluminum, stopping was finned percussion entry and rear. Both styles saw a short double hold variety design, which was really only competent of sitting one individual. The C had chromed cycle deal with night clubs and a bolted on entry and rear lighting model, while the more high quality CL obtained the more common Lui / Vega forged deal with night clubs, with created in lighting model. The earth panels of the CL obtained plastic pads. The J50S was generally the small variation of the 75cc styles, with longer common variety hold, the same forged deal with bar and lighting model, and around raise lighting. It should be famous all the 50cc designs only included a one stream major headlight!

The Vega was the most popular fashion (in the UK), with an website known as 75S (75cc), with the other fashion being known as a Cometa. The Cometa's website was the 75SL, which was a 'lubematic', quite simply recommended you did not have to have a petriol mix as with all earlier Lambretta's, as the oil was put into a different container which created its own way into the website. A new fantastic up and over fatigue was used, total with a he dark warm protect. Main and dipped stream were additional to the 75cc styles, along with a raise stopping system lighting. A double hold was installed as common, with a raise carrier and symptoms being available as an recommended extra. A tiny chromed I logo was installed to the leg safety measures just within the head set. For the home Italian language industry the styles were only available in red or gold and used a Lui logo. For move areas, natural, aqua blue and red were additional to the colors available, and the Lui logo was changed with products with the fashion "Vega" instead.

All in all the Lui/Vega array was not a hugh achievement for Innocenti, probably with fashion way before its time, and the common decline of two wheeled revenue around the world due to inexpensive tiny motors being available saw the array quit development in May 1969. No one can question the looks of the fashion, even currently whether you love it or dislike it, the Lui / Vega array could still total as a current product.


Length : 1700mm
Width: 635mm
Height : 966mm
Weight : 68kg
Capacity : 49.8cc
Bore : 38mm
Stroke : 44mm
Power : 1.48hp @ 4,600 rpm
Max speed 25mph
Fuel Consumption 169 mpg

Colours : Orange (8037) Blue (8016), Silver (8081) Yellow (8080), Green (8039) White (8082)
Frame Numbers :
Engine Numbers : Not Known
Carburettor Dell'Orto SHB14/12
Tyre Size 3.00*10
Ft pressure 22 lb/
R pressure 26 lb/


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