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Lambretta model Special X / SX Range

Job Specific X was started to obtain more of a look of quality and consideration to element that Innocenti was well-known for. Lambretta presented their new fashion with the saying "SX appeal" and the new fashion was to be available in two website styles, these being 150cc and 200cc. For the 150cc variation, it obtained very few in the way of aesthetic changes from the Li 150 special it changed, how ever when compared to area by area more simple changes can be seen. The six dollar element head set was maintained, as was the area systems with badging and sensations. A opera horn launching grille was additional to the horn launching, along with a opera display down the center of the entry mudguard. Badging was Specific and X150 on the entry leg safety measures, a crest logo was still included on the leg safety measures, as was a greater scripted Lambretta logo as identified recently on the 125 Specific. For the 200 variation, a few more changes were created. New fashion area systems with a more directed arrow set of sensations saw the website measurements 200 also forged as part of the badging. No raise sensations were identified as on the 150 styles, but the area systems maintained the two Lambretta badges. A raise structure logo on a whitened history, with the wording Lambretta Innocenti published in black emails was identified on both styles.

Both the 150 and the 200 were created with the non opera band headphones as included on the very last TV styles, the 200 fashion obtained a entry dvd braking system and damper forks as installed to the TV styles, while the tried and examined entry drum was used on 150 styles, both styles were drum braked at the raise. The 200 styles were installed with a 90mph speedo, the 150 with a 70mph model. The experience of the speedo was improved for the SX styles, the switch was a reduce experience menu, and a whitened reduce or encompass was installed on top of this just under the cup.

Engine sensible the SX150 obtained some changes in the website section. Porting variations saw energy increase to 9.38bhp providing a wholesome top rate of around 56mph. Items rates were improved to indicate the new energy result, and to help give a better experience. a Dello'Orto SH1/20 carburettor was installed, and Innocentis believed results of 118 mpg still created the SX energy effective.

The 200 fashion obtained more changes over its forerunner, as the TV200 was not without its issues. Gearing, fatigue, piston, and website supports were all improved to improve Innocentis top of the array scooter. Power was up very a little over the TV fashion to 11bhp, which offered the SX200 a top rate of 66mph when still coming 93mpg.

As with all Innocentis products, many changes were again created mid development. Starting cases came with whitened lighting changes, later shifting to black, the standard deal with variety area systems offered way to video on products. Material device containers later improved to gray cheap products, the horn forged drest was improved to an aluminum merchandise with a pink history, with the term Innocenti. Forks had their changes to, going from the secure in kind of buffers to the video in variety, the last SX150 styles also had gold rim wheels and locations.

Colour sensible, Innocnti reduced large selection on all styles, the 150 being available in either Grey or whitened, when a second color of red or pink could be additional to the area systems. For the 200cc, the Italian language home industry was even more limited, all styles came in whitened, with an ox body hold color. How ever those meant for the more beneficial move industry obtained a selection of hold include colors from natural, black pink and lighting pink. The SX200s that were brought in into the UK could be preferred in a more vivid structure. The primary whitened on the area systems, horn forged V and head set top was changed with either red, natural, precious metal, pink, black, and pink.

By the time development ceased in The month of january of 1969, some three years after beginning, 31,238 150cc designs had remaining the series. The Italians identified the cost of developing the fashion to large, and of the 20,783 200cc designs created, most identified their way to the UK as Indian scooterists had a starvation for the greater ability models. The SX200 to this day still keeps a popular, and styles can control expensive, care and a lot of study should be set up when getting such cases.


Length : 1800mm
Width: 700mm
Height : 1290mm
Weight : 110kg
Capacity : 148cc and 198cc
Bore : 57mm 150
66mm 200
Stroke : 58mm
Power : 9.38hp @ 6300rpm 150
11hp @ 6200rpm 200
Max speed 56mph 150
66mph 200
Fuel Consumption 118 mpg 150
93mpg 200

Colours : Grey (8070) and White (8039), panel colours Red and Blue(150's)
White (8059), panel colours Red, Green, Gold, Blue, Black and Purple.(200's)
Frame Numbers :
Engine Numbers : SX150
Carburettor Dell'Orto SH1/20
Tyre Size 3.50*10
Ft pressure 18 lb/
R pressure 28 lb/


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