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Lambretta GP Range / DL

The L.i 125 Specific, S.X 150 and 200 which had been available, were all improved by the new Bertone created Lambretta G.P (D.L.) array. It was available in three website styles, again 125, 150 and 200, which had many changes over its forebears. This fashion for most areas was named the DL, but in the UK and some other areas the fashion was named the Grandma Prix. This was due to the truth that in the later 1950's Method one sporting was at its heyday in the UK with people such as Jackie Stewart were big information and Lambretta Concessionaires desired to promote the new fashion in a way to coordinate its having looks.

The fresh created system was reduced and sleeker, providing the GP/DL more having looks, more compact leg safety measures, reduced horn launching, a block head set and lighting model was also used. Raise lighting was improved to a cheap merchandise with bones in it, forks, which were 1 in. reduced, tires and locations were all displayed gold. The GP200 obtained a dvd braking program and entry dampers, again all displayed in a Fiat 690 Silver. Dark cuts and rubbers we installed a crack away variety the standard gray Innocenti had used before. The luxurious area systems included no badges or sensations, but instead used black lines, and tiny cheap grilles inset into an indentation in the area systems. All area systems for these styles were now video on, as the very last SX styles. A attached and restyled entry mudguard was installed which all bundled to present a sportier graphic for the new fashion. Ink splats (supposedly due to an debate when Bertone used his pen down on the options after an debate with Innocenti, over reduce colours) were the major emblem, except in the UK where chequered banners were used to go with its Grandma Prix name. The back structure badges from earlier styles was improved by a grille, badging on the scooter was as follows: - Lambretta emblem, then a forged either DL or Grandma Prix emblem dependant out there with the website is also on the same emblem. A tiny Innocenti I emblem was on the horn launching, and an Innocenti lean line variety emblem was installed on the rear of the structure.

Engine sensible the GP125 very much maintained the website variety the Li 125 Specific with a few tiny changes. A Dell'Orto 20mm carburettor was used, managing through a new one element carburettor to air box knee plastic was used. Engine statistics were still placed Li125S, but the GP obtained its own variety array.

Again with the 150cc model, this was again very much maintained over from the tried and examined SX model, and again maintained the SX150 covering personality. Porting changes and a few other mods saw energy increase to 9.4bhp. SH22/2 carburettors were installed, again using the new carburettor air line.

200cc styles again maintained the SX200 plastic stamping, but as with all other GP styles obtained its own variety array. A greater tapered handle and different flywheel was used on the 200 styles, serving to deal with the added energy created from the website variations. The 200 gearbox discussed the same rates as the 125 styles, but produced the added energy by managing 18/47 sprockets. The GP200 was competent of nearly 70mph according to the catalogues, although not a lot more then the styles it improved, the major obtain from the GP was speed.

The 125 had color selections of whitened or aqua blue, and was not really added in into the UK during its development as the laws and regulations sometimes granted student individuals to experience up to 250cc without driving a examine, hence Lambretta concessonaires determined to adhere to the 150 and 200 styles. The 150 color options were dependant out there they were available into as to the selection available. Italian language property industry styles were availible in 1 color of whitened or red, when styles meant for the move industry could be preferred in a two develop selection of whitened and then either red or pink for the area systems. A Lambretta concessionaires publication no (6/69) saw Lambretta UK number color selections as. All hawthorn whitened with black collections, hawthorn white/ocean pink, orbit red (yellow ochre), astral pink (turquoise). 200cc styles for the Italian language property industry were always Green Ochre, when move areas again obtained more selection. The information page for Lambretta concessionaires outlined martian red and luna particles (yellow ochre) as the only two selections.

Again as with almost all other styles before, Innocenti created mid development variations. To start with beginning models had displayed horn and hold grilles, with the later black cheap. Material gas flap and gray cheap toolboxes available way to black cheap gas flap and toolboxes. Lastly, it is often believed that it was the Indians who determined to use products, instead of guys and crazy to protected the company situation include, but actually the very last G.P's to throw of the series were guaranteed in this way.

The remaining supplement to the GP array was the GP200 Electrical, which came about from a relationship between Innocenti and Ducati. This fashion as it brands indicates obtained searching for ignition program. Gone was the common items and condensor that had been used by all other Lambrettas earlier, being change by a choose up box and CDI model. The CDI model was installed to a tiny range and was red in color, as was the HT head arriving from it! A new waffle fashion hold was installed, this waffle variety structure was first seen on the Manufacturing facility 200cc double pump prototype scooter, but created it into development on the electronic. To further recognize the new scooter, searching for tag improved the ink splat / chequered banner on the leg safety measures. It is not known exactly how many technology were created, as although they were created towards the end of the of the GPs believed to be from around May 1970, common items and condensor styles and the technology were created along area each other.

Sadly in May of 1971, the last ever total G.P thrown off the series, with 15,300 125's, 20,048 150's (plus another 1,402 available in kit variety to other markets) and 9,350 200 being created. The tale does not end here though, as the Indian native administration added all the pedaling from Innocenti and created the GP for many more years!


Length : 1800mm
Width: 680mm
Height : 1012mm
Weight : 118kg 125
120kg 150
123kg 200
Capacity : 123cc, 148cc and 198cc
Bore : 52mm 125
57mm 150
66mm 200
Stroke : 58mm
Power : 7.3hp @ 6,200rpm 125
8.7hp @ 6300rpm 150
11.7hp @ 6200rpm
Max speed 57mph 125
63mph 150
68mph 200
Fuel Consumption 112 mpg

Colours : Turquoise(8016), White(8082), Orange(8037), Red(8073) & Yellow Orche(8080). Panel colours Red(8073) and Blue
Frame Numbers : GP 125 22/1
GP150 22/0
GP200 22/2
Engine Numbers : GP 125 LI125S
GP150 SX150
GP200 SX200
Carburettor Dell'Orto SH1/20 125
Dell'Orto SH2/22 150 & 200
Tyre Size 3.50*10
Ft pressure 18 lb/sq.in
R pressure 28 lb/sq.in


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the black scooter is an avanti kelvinator

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