Thursday, September 29, 2011

Model TV Series 1

A hearing in Milan first saw the new version of "thin style April 10, 1957. Introduce the fight against Vespa GS in terms of both style and performance, television was a big leap in design and engineering to its predecessors. The new TV feature curvey lines, the front wing was fixed and does not turn with the direction, like all previous models had. Shapley TV panels had slots on the front which helped with cooling, the panels of floor rear passengers continued its fluid lines to the rear of the scooter. The taillight on television featuring a red lens glasses and two orange rings on each side brake light was the unity of Lighthouse at the same location as the previous model LD-cast into the horn casting. A 70 mph Speedo was mounted as a standard casting the handlebars, which also housed a steering angle and the ignition key. brake a clutch media were polished alloy, and then thrown into dial to adjust the cables.

Later, ostensibly for reasons people see on TV a while the owner had parked and go, people often drive adjusters, so when the owner returned the brakes and clutch had been changed, Innocenti stopped by means of adjustment. Initially, they still take the shape of the wheel in the diet, but it was solid, and then later, he fell completely and casting was just smooth. Larger 10-inch wheels were fitted for comfort and stability, as well as redesigned rear internal link front suspension springs, dampers and external. At the rear, a hydraulic shock absorber unit that allowed the engine to run on its rubber mountings

TV has also seen a completely new design engine. Power source was a 175cc now (bigger than the Vespa GS, which was a 150cc) and argued that the power and 8.6 or 9.0 (depending on who cited the figures) on the TV a good turn of acceleration and speed maximum of 64 mph, despite its size and the width of a leg bone. The largest ever used in the carburetor Lambretta series has appeared on television and the longest is 23 mm 60 mm stroke. Tube assembly was now in line with the other engine, horizontal rather than vertical in the past and the 60 mm drilling, Innocenti had a car with the square 'magic', and the mounting hole, prefer the tuners that time. There was no longer the shaft drive as used in all previous models, replaced by duplex chain. Face forward of the cylinder, and again for the first time it was horizontal.

Other new features include more than 3.50 * 10 wheels, gave the handling and comfort unimaginable. The new four-speed gearbox, the complex mechanism of the gun starting the air intake pipe through the frame without the filter, with a flat membrane, the air and carpet instead of "runners" were added in other news range of Lambretta is. Badging on television has taken a long time, "Lambretta embellisher" the bottom of the panels, and a large bolt TV175 badge below, to the sides. Innocent distinctive ridge with chrome was in the middle of Horn Casting. Foot-plates were installed in a thin chrome Lambretta badge, with a distinctive pattern TV175 below it, re-chromed. UK models also received a round brass badge, with St Georges dragon on it. All tires and trim body was gray, with control cables, except the following: - the tripod legs and the starting point for the rubber blacks were, the back light body gasket was white

The production of television series One arrested in October 1959 with 18,858 examples being.


Length : 1825mm
Width: 710mm
Height : 1038mm
Weight : 120kg
Capacity : 175cc
Bore : 60mm
Stroke : 60mm
Power : 8.6hp @ 4,600 rpm
Max speed 64mph
Fuel Consumption 88 mpg

Colours : Ivory (8028)
Frame Numbers : After the prefix of 175TV the frame number will consist of up to 6 digits. TV Series 1 models usually have 4 or 5 and the first TV 1 had frame number 01000. With the introduction of the LI 125/150 models the frame numbers then always consisted of 6 digits after the prefix.
Engine Numbers : 175TV
Carburettor Dell'Orto MB 18 BS5 125
MB19BS 150
Tyre Size 3.50*10
Ft pressure 18 lb/
R pressure 28 lb/


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