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Model Li Series 1

TV 1 has been the flagship of the Innocents. However, it was really a prototype, and had several disadvantages, which have arisen from the use of roads. The larger version was launched in 1958 150cc, 125cc and smaller version in June, both models were a success, not just buying public. Completely new design of the car and saw the Lambretta motor to the primary characteristics of all subsequent models.

A new engine was designed and developed to overcome these problems, available in two sizes, 125cc and 150cc. The motors of the first occurrence of a horizontal cylinder, chain drive, four speeds. The chain of rotation of the crown that held the clutch, then it took a lot of speed and four separate reports through a tree. This provision was developed tested due to problems with the biggest engine of 175cc would be the layout and design of all future Lambrettas. Some changes have been made to this engine, the average, as models for the first time without a chain tensioner, a single magneto side oil seal which lubricates the bearing of gasoline / oil. Later models gained a chain tensioner, and a parachute lubricated magnetic, surrounded by two oil seals. Also, at the same time, oil was added disc wheel shift front arm to help keep the oil away from possible to penetrate through the oil seal on the drive side.

What is the basketball was almost identical to the TV, except for the exit of the side panel was gone, even if it is, however, a small number of models of Li does not leave the factory wearing a "TV" side panels with cutouts pigsty. The curve has been printed from the offside rear table, and the side panel, so that the new concept of operations kick started. The new curvey lines found their way into the design, and a new "style-range" Lambrettas lines running everywhere. Maintain the appearance of the machines, a great curvey fender was attached to the front, a small inner fender to the worst of time outside the wire. Front headlight was placed in the same location as the previous models, the LD, thrown into the horn casting. Speedo is the number of fusion handlebar 150cc models, but as the laws of Italy, does not require them, 125 were included Alloy wheels Speedo coverage if the cost of opportunity was not taken up the 125 models.

Also integrated on the handlebars was a hold-open latch is covered by a chrome plated cover. Greater than 10 inch wheels were fitted for comfort and stability, with a link back from new front suspension design with internal springs and rear shock unit rear suspension.

The first machines were known as "frame-eaters" because of the air intake is on the back. Dell'Orto new models of 125 MB18, MB19 and 150 models of air intake was through a door in the back of the frame, which then connects to a rubber hose to get some air to the carburetor reality within the frame. From the context of the discharge of air in a filter box, which I first saw a disposable cartridge that can be changed rather than the need to be washed, as in all previous models. It is rumored that the ventilation system has been revised as under the clothing of passengers blocked the exits and the rain was possible to enter here, causing the engine to fail. The newer models gained a vent between the two individual seats, which in turn power an air box between the fuel tank and toolbox, with this change, although the look of the rear rack has kept the contribution of holes have been completed.

The toolkit is now under the front seat, and it was through a door between the legs of the runners. The fuel tank has also expanded considerably larger machines with a capacity of just under 8 liters. Deflectors installed within the fuel tanks to stop the movement.

Small differences between the two models have been separated from each other, 125 cc of rubber seals in front of the floorboards, a "Criss Cross" shaped metal channels on them. 150cc is a mix of channels, the rubber inserts on top of them, the gums were well polished alloy wheels caps. Both 15-150 was behind the boards with plastic handle raised tread '. "The 125 version had the color code change handlebar body, and change the fence, while the 150cc versions were a natural compound and polished. Li is a long-badging" Lambretta embellishers "and the bottom panels. Foot Guards used to crest center of cast brass, which hid the two bolts to protect the horn casting, clips and character. Foot-plates were installed in a thin chrome Lambretta brand, or Li is Li125 distinctive model 150 below it, re-chromed. UK models also received a round brass badge, with St Georges dragon on it.

All the rubber gaskets and the body is gray, with control cables, except the following: - The rubber feet were black and kick stand, rear light seal body is white. Further improvements were primarily the engine, let alone crankshaft and bearings

The 125 was available in blue or two shades of gray, while the 150 was much more color options. The work of the main body was gray, with a selection of the second color on the side panels and horn cast brown, green, blue or red. This equipment has been to define the future model for all Lambrettas, and both 125 and 150 have been commercially successful Innocenti, with more than 150 000 examples made of two types of engines.


Length : 1825mm
Width: 710mm
Height : 1038mm
Weight : 105kg
Capacity : 123cc & 150cc
Bore : 52mm (125) 58mm (150)
Stroke : 58mm
Power : 5.2hp @ 5,200 rpm 125cc
6.5hp @5,300
Max speed 43mph Li 125
50mph Li 150
Fuel Consumption 120 mpg

Colours : Blue (8031) & two tone Grey (8040 & 8019) Li 125's
Blue & Grey (8014) Panel colours Red (8047), Blue (8031) and Green(8015) Li 150's
Frame Numbers : After the prefix of either 125Li or 150Li depending on engine size, the frame number will consist of 6 digits. The first Li 125 series 1 would have the frame number 5000,001 and the first 150 model would have the frame number 7000,001.
Engine Numbers : 125Li & 150Li
Carburettor Dell'Orto MB 18 BS5 125
MB19BS 150
Tyre Size 3.50*10
Ft pressure 18 lb/
R pressure 28 lb/


dj taller leonz cali said...

buenos dias, si alguien me puede ayudar ,quiero saber que modelo es exactamente una lambretta serie 1 ,,dice el numero de chasis 125 li 641874
y el motor 125 li 54223

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