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Model LD

LD 125 (Mark 1)

The first version of the DL was not different from LC, was launched in December 1951 even though the LD compared to model D, there have been improvements. Body modifications have been made, many of which increase the overall height is 960mm. 123 cc engine has more power units, which now 5HP @ 4800 rpm. Gasification increase in size, they are using LC MA18B2 Dell'Orto. Spring front suspension with D, were now left stems themselves, this has been associated with torsion bar suspension, but now added to the group farmiliar rear shock. LD, of course, with the Lusso is a version of D, a full-length leggings, side panels and rear seat passenger pegs. LD had two portholes in the side panel, chrome trim, and kept opening the door on the upper part of the mechanism of fuel and cold start carburetor. At the end of its service in May 1953, 78 468 planes were built in the choice of gray and beige paint.

LD 125 (Mark 2)

In June 1953 a second version of the DL 125 has been introduced, and further changes. I went to the harbor, a hole in the side panel, these have been replaced by a grid of plastic oval. Control cables and wires on the handlebars were now protected by shrouds of gray plastic. 125cc power source retained its top speed of just under 50 mph the first series of LD, but has seen a change in the throttle, but Dell'Orto MA18, but now the model B3. Color options are available in two shades (although this depended on the scooter was sold in that market), is gray or beige frame work and the selection of green, blue or red side panels. Version 125 is now displayed in red and gold shield emblem letters LD flat feet, and the optional speed sensor was placed on specially constructed miniature box platform. While the speedo drive cable and install specific races of the leg bone, the results of Speedo was really after, I thought that until now, Innocenti 125cc models were built according to the law do not have a speedometer.

LDA 125 (Mark 2)

ADL was mainly in the LD, but the electric starter, even though this model has been transferred to the carburetor Dell'Orto MA18 B4. Electric start runs, 6-volt battery is located under the left side panel. A trigger device had a separate unit, which was bolted to the front of the clutch cover change, will be two 5mm Allen key. Start a scooter, you could go by using a lever on the handlebar neutral ivory, then this is the beginning with the engine and turned off the engine. When the engine has been "fired" free wheel off the unit to start the unit. Battery and power from the engine, the power of the lights and horn. ADL was a choice of two colors, gray or beige, and a total of 8694 built.

LD 150 (Mark 2)

D as a model, and LD was the older brother of the engine, the 150cc version. The same power of D, saw a maximum speed of 55 mph to go up. Inside leg shield tool box has been added to the standard, this package will also be placed on the speedometer, plus an extra meter. Another measure was optional, usually it was a piece at a time, and now are quite rare in itself, and have been known to get the whole car! Tool box was added behind the rear seat that can be reached from outside the scooter, an older model of the tool boxes were placed throughout the side panels. 150cc version was to protect the leg-bones type of character than 125 models, but this time it was blue and white, 150 of it. LD 150 was in the same colors as the 125 model, gray or green, so you can choose between green, blue or red side panels, if desired.

The ADL 150 (Mark 2)

Electric start version of the brand is now DL 2 volts 12 volts, this was achieved by connecting the two sides 6 volts. To accommodate the space occupied by a "coup" was made in the rear of the chassis behind the rear seat. A starting engine design new and more reliable was used, mounted under the rear floor. Later models had the kick epicycle has become the standard of the third version of LD. Double seats is standard, and the choice of color is the main color gray or blue, with a second color in the panels of red, blue or green. A total of 2,020 examples had been built by the time production stopped in November 1956.

LD 125 and 150 (mark 3)

January 1957, was introduced by the third round of LD in both 125 and 150cc engine sizes. 125 and 150 versions retain the same engine of its predecessor, but with the addition of an epicyclic kickstart. On the shields leg was a chrome badge showing either model LD125 LD150 or appropriate, horn threw badge Innocenti remained of earlier models. Hornet has now moved to a purpose built casting on top of the handlebar, which further help to clean the cables and son, but also housed a unit of speed. The rear of the scooter had a more streamlined, with a single tail lamp bolted to it and between it and the back seat was the door toolbox. Air intake was now taken to the rear of the chassis with a rubber hose, which helped to reduce noise induction, and increases the flow of air to produce the scooter more speed. The 125 was available in gray, while the 150 version could choose white or ivory.

Second color on the side panels are optional on the 150, which. Being green, brown, red or blue Lambretta dealers in the United Kingdom produces a variant called Riviera. This model came standard with a lot of extras, windshield before the rear carrier plate in the heel replacement, and expansion cards. We think this model was produced to help make room for incoming Li series, if this is true even if the successful marketing strategy, it also meant that traders were left Lambretta scooters for sale until the new model. No Lambrettas in Italy next summer, so the French built LD was imported as a stopgap to help fill current orders.


Length : 1770mm
Width: 740mm
Height : 960mm
Weight : 88kg
LDA 90kg
Capacity : 123cc & 150cc
Bore : 52mm 125cc
57mm 150cc
Stroke : 58mm
Power : 5hp @ 4,600 rpm 125cc
6hgp @ 4,800rpm 150cc
Max speed 47mph 125
55mph 150cc
Fuel Consumption 141 mpg @ 30mph

Colours :
LD 125 Mk1 Grey (8012), Beige (8029)
LD 125 Mk2 Grey (8012), Beige (8029)
LDA 125 Mk2 Grey (8012), Beige (8029)
LD 150 Mk 2 Grey (8041)
LDA 150 Mk2 Blue, Green (8051)
LD 125 Mk3 Grey (8041)
LDA 125 Mk3 Grey (8041) Off White (not known)
LD150 Mk 3 Grey (8041), Green 8051), Blue (8031) Red (8020)
LDA 150 Mk3 Grey (8041)
Frame Numbers : Start from: 400,001 and run to 442,501
Engine Numbers : Not Known
Carburettor Dell'Orto MA16
Tyre Size 4.00*8
Ft pressure 16 lb/
R pressure 24 lb/


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