Monday, September 12, 2011

Model LC

Although the Model C was sold to the Standard Model, and soon after launched the LC Innocents. Innocent was the first scooter, they offer full-length leg guards and side panels to the base Innocents all their latest models. The was "Luxury" is synonymous with luxury Italian scooters as a form of protection for pilots, engine noise and dirt, so protection from the elements. Behind the boards were intended for passengers, when the access flap on the right panel allows the driver to turn on and off the gas, and "tickle" the throttle to a cold start, without taking the whole panel off side .

LC was known as "closed model" because of the commission's work, but the genius was exactly the same as the sister bike model C. This is obviously not for the engine cooling, direct cooling of the cylinder C-model was not possible with the LC provided. won driving fins, and the wheel cylinder and were surrounded by the covers to direct fresh air to breathe and the cylinder.

Instead of a lunch box on the back as C LC had a small toolbox under the seat, where the keys, etc., can be observed. Many machines have been equipped with accessories Lambretta LC, the most popular is a rear rack for transporting large items.

At the end of production in November 1951, a total of 42,000 LC had occurred, as they are available in options of the same color as the sister model C, these green, sky blue, beige, and then instead red in C, you can choose gray.


Length : 1740mm
Width: 730mm
Height : 920mm
Weight : 80kg
Capacity : 123cc
Bore : 52mm
Stroke : 58mm
Power : 4.3hp @ 4,200 rpm
Max speed 44mph
Fuel Consumption 141 mpg @ 30mph

Colours : Green(8027), Grey, Beige(8011) & Blue
Frame Numbers : Start from: 400,001 and run to 442,501
Engine Numbers : Not Known
Carburettor Dell'Orto MA16
Tyre Size 4.00*8
Ft pressure 16 lb/
R pressure 24 lb/


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