Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Model F

"F" model was very similar in design to his sister before, the E, with the only difference from the "F" had a kick. Again, the CF share part of the E-shaped model, with built in fuel tank toolbox under the seat and back Butty Box. The F was introduced in March 1954 and had a production run that lasted until April 1955. It should be noted that the model F 32,701, none have been imported to Britain.

Torsion bar suspension at the rear air-cooled engine directly, they have other features, with standard side stand, a center stand has been proposed as an option. Money-saving features such as brake drums made of pressed steel instead of cast iron, found their way into the model F. Half of the production cycle, the second version appeared, bearing holders similar to model D. The F model is available in a variety of paint schemes including gray, alabaster, porcelain blue, brown, white and brown and was available in various forms throughout his life.


Length : 1760mm
Width: 660mm
Height : 950mm
Weight : 60kg
Capacity : 123cc
Bore : 52mm
Stroke : 58mm
Power : 3.8hp @ 4,500 rpm
Max speed 44mph
Fuel Consumption 169 mpg

Colours : Grey(8012), Beige (8029, China Blue, Brown, Off White and Maroon
Frame Numbers :
Engine Numbers : Not Known
Carburettor Dell'Orto MU14 C1
Tyre Size 4.00*8
Ft pressure 16 lb/sq.in
R pressure 24 lb/sq.in


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