Monday, September 19, 2011

Model E

While the Model E was introduced by Innocenti, in April 1953 no 42 352 scooters that were produced were sold in Britain. The E model has been designed as an entry-level scooter and therefore much simpler in design or model C model D. The tube frame is formed from C, under the drivers seat, built on top of this form of Part C is a box of tools, while the fuel tank was in the front seat and a box seat behind Butty passengers. By simplifying the frame construction of the plot was lighter than that used in previous models.

A big round headlight was mounted on the front of the scooter with a small circle of light mounted on the back just above the license plate. Shortened leg shields (such as Model D) was also installed. To start the scooter with a cord (found on chain saws) was mounted at the front of Magneto, could the ignition is on E is advanced and delayed to facilitate looks cord, which guarantees that the machine does not "kick back" hurt the person when you started.

The rear suspension on the model E was the same set torsion bar is in the model of D. However, the front of the bike, the suspension is elastic with respect to the relationship is in the final model D. The reverse design has witnessed link forks were back on themselves, and is used in a C shape with rubber springs between the two that allows the link to open and close range in the spring. Due to the suspension of poor models, many of which were converted by the installation of a special kit, adding a spring between the link and forks. Another change, which makes the E very hard to find today, was developed at the beginning, many were converted to F, an impulse that also included cutting the leg shields F pedal stroke has been sent to the front of the engine. The 123cc engine was essentially the same as that found in the D (with the exception of starting power) and gave the driver a top speed of 44 mph. The E model is available in gray, green or brown and scooter production ceased in February 1954.


Length : 1760mm
Width: 660mm
Height : 950mm
Weight : 58kg
Capacity : 123cc
Bore : 52mm
Stroke : 58mm
Power : 3.8hp @ 4,500 rpm
Max speed 44mph
Fuel Consumption 169 mpg

Colours : Green(8021), Grey, Maroon
Frame Numbers :
Engine Numbers : Not Known
Carburettor Dell'Orto MA18 B2
Tyre Size 4.00*8
Ft pressure 16 lb/
R pressure 24 lb/


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