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Model D

Model D 125 (Mark 1)

December 1951 saw the introduction Innocenti 125 D, sporting a new chassis (the tubular variety), with a tank under the front seat, passenger seat under the Butty Box, and reduce leg shields. Bicycle-style handlebar is mounted and below was a large round headlight.

Model D began life in December 1951, when the 125 (123 cc) version was introduced. "D" was basically to update the previous "C", there are many improvements under way. View the work and the structure of D, a relatively remained the same as the previous model C, the tubular design, with the same layout of the tank and the rear tool box. The engine was a new design, yet it was a cast iron cylinder air-cooled aluminum cylinder head. 3-speed gearbox is operated via a single cable is changed from Flex. More power and speed have been obtained, the power was up to 5bhp a top speed of 47 mph. Fuel consumption of 140mpg in a new MA18 carburetor.

Finned drum brakes front and rear of the bike as long as the stopping power, the rod operating the rear brake. At the rear of the bike, just above the plate, a small round-mounted brake light. Unlike previous models of the front fork tubes the suspension and closed the front springs and rear suspension has been provided through a torsion bar. The D 125 was available in a range of colors: gray, beige and green. On each side of the fuel tank decals are Lambretta.

D, were offered with accessories such as door, spare wheel and the seat of the lap, but the best retail prices D was cheap (£ 108 in 1956, lower than the Vespa) and maintenance costs, has helped make the "D" and its sister plusher LD very popular with the production of 125 series ended in January 1953 the first D Total 69 000 125 D has been built.

Model D 125 (Mark 2)

Innocenti introduced the Series II D 125 in April 1953 with about 53.641 machines that are built into its production cycle. In essence, it was very similar to Series I model D, with the same open style tubular chassis and the same air-cooled engine of 125 cc, which occurred at 4600 rpm 5 hp and gave a top speed of 47 mph

The rear brake cable is now operating in opposition to the rod is used as the Series machine. The handle used in Series D Model II were somewhat different from those found in Series I of the machine, if it continues as a bicycle handlebar. 125 D Series II is available in beige, gray or green and producing the second series was suspended in October 1954.

Model D 150 (Mark 2)

125 D models joined an older brother 150cc engine in October 1954, the largest cylinder engine and steering wheel covers similar models Lusso. Gone are the direct cooling air to the engine driving force, like the power of a single team of Teleflex, will be replaced by two "push and pull" wires. The 150 exhaust system has been redesigned and feature a chrome exhaust silence in the back, often called the "pot of coffee." For the first time, was equipped with a damper unit torsion bar suspension with comfort. With increase in the production of engine block cam 150cc greater speed above 55 mph, but still Innocenti city around 140mpg economy.

Model D 125 (Mark 3)

125 D (III) was introduced by Innocenti in May 1955, is believed to have been put into production on special order. The main changes were two-speed cables have been installed in accordance with the second series 150 model. D 125 (III) was available in three paint schemes are green, beige or gray. At the end of its production cycle in 1958 a total of 500 D 125 (III) 's was built.

Model D 150 (Mark 3)

Small changes in the second round were fittment 150D battery for parking lights, horn and brake light. This was mounted on the push side of a building built on the platform side of the toolbox. The exhaust is returned to a quiet single unit, eliminating the extra noise that can be found in the second series. The leg shields wore a badge D150 chrome, while the Lambretta name was still in sticker form on each side of the fuel tank.


Length : 1730mm
Width: 730mm
Height : 920mm
Weight : 70kg
Capacity : 123cc
Bore : 52mm
Stroke : 58mm
Power : 4.3hp @ 4,200 rpm
Max speed 44mph
Fuel Consumption 110 mpg @ 30mph

Colours : Green(8027), Grey, Beige(8011) & Red
Frame Numbers : Start from: 50,001 and run to 135,501
Engine Numbers : Not Known
Carburettor Dell'Orto MA16
Tyre Size 4.00*8
Ft pressure 16 lb/sq.in
R pressure 24 lb/sq.in


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