Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Prototypes of Lambretta

The Automatic 'B'

The automatic "B" was produced by Innocenti in a joint venture with Kreis, a picture of German specialists. Dating back to November 1949, has the same set of IE found in any modern car, neutral - drive - 1 and 2. The gear selection is via a manual lever, and includes "kick-down", a foot to select a lower speed. It is believed that the only example of the three prototypes built at a cost believed to have prevented him from going into production.

The Lambretta twin

Innocenti twins was portrayed as a way to give more power to keep pace with ever increasing speed of new motorbikes come on the market. The engine is basically two 100cc cylinder, piston and crankshaft assemblies, in the side line side by side with each other. Of course, this gave a 200 cc, after mounting the machine, I can confirm all the reports he is the sweetest ever produced Lambretta / prey. Much more torque (pulling power) is made of extra cylinder, although we are unsure of the speed.

From the front it looks like a double standard SX, it is not until you start looking at the scooter as you notice something is not quite right.

To start with the floor panels are cut, the rear frame legs and a second position, and smooth.

Although the scooter as a whole is an excellent location in terms of extra parts, it is necessary to move some things around, you can almost see the small toolbar that has been used in the production, because the compressed air is required double and 20mm carbs.

This side view gives a better indication of the air system, the shape of the tool box, carbohydrates require pipes and other mods like.

Twin cylinders are obviously two separate rain going in the exhaust box, it seemed to be a complete unit, recalls the silence of the body, the J-series exhaust, indicating that the Innocenti on the "family" when designing this model Lambretta

Apart from the drive unit to turn against Smiths, which works well, apparently this side view of the main deck differs little from a standard cylinder of producing a single unit.

The headquarters of the double, but pretty standard looking at how the characteristics of the style that made waffles in the production of the last models produced by Innocenti, electronics GP.

A feature of the two that never saw production was re-designed disc brakes. This is a fixed disk and move the pillows, as opposed to floating disc that all production models had. From this page, see it as a standard Lambretta disc.

That is until you look around the other side and see the different operating mechanism.

There are two reasons for not making this Italian experts, depending on the listener.

1) Too expensive to produce.

2) It is not enough orders, Lambretta United Kingdom in 1000, we said OK, now, but can not commit to buying other importers. Innocenti wanted to order more secured before they could block the production of something more profitable.


D / LD was not a true prototype Innocenti rather an exercise in what may have looked like a prototype. Mike Karslake was commissioned to produce this machine as a prototype at the time of D and LD began production. It uses parts of both the Model D and LD why this name.


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