Saturday, August 6, 2011



Dynamic and innovative, with full respect for the environment. Piaggio offers a complete range of solutions for individual and unique ideas that have become synonymous with the characteristics of the brand and the inimitable design. With the elegance of Italian style, Piaggio sublime blend of design products with the latest technology.


Practical solutions to the ability to inspire and excite, to reinvent the personal transport Piaggio way. 21st century and the avant-garde technology has rewritten the book on how a scooter should look and play MP3 open the door to a world beyond the two wheels.


Piaggio to use the latest technology, which is flattered by the care and attention to design details, providing a sophisticated budget trip, safe and stylish. Piaggio offers a range of functional vehicles for you to travel great distances with ease, avoiding the stress of urban travel. Piaggio scooter traveling companion are elegant and reliable regardless of their needs Xevo power, the versatility of the X7, MP3 sophisticated style and practicality of the fly and zip code.

Environmentally friendly

Piaggio commitment to the environment is reflected in the technology used in all engines. Low emissions, low fuel consumption and lower maintenance costs all help to achieve a low impact mode of transportation. All vehicles with catalytic converters to reduce exhaust emissions, intelligent transportation solutions by providing staff Piaggio


Vespa Piaggio said...

Piaggio Vespa is a good performance Scooter but has a high rate then other Scooters. Piaggio Vespa is the great choice if anybody wants to purchase a Scooter. It has the stylish look and other good features.

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