Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Man

A pioneer in his way, Ferdinando Innocenti was modest, close and reserved, but was of a courageous and protective. He spoke very slowly, just a few words in low tones of voice and short sentences separated. He did not show, but he was very determined when planning his actions, and when you put the right person at the right place. One of the most brilliant entrepreneurs of the twentieth century, he easily obtained the approval of each, with a nice smile. He does not like worldly habits are typical of the successful businessmen of his time. He did not attend parties or seeing theater, although he went to the movies at times with one of his employees and usually selected a movie cowboy. But they always ended up talking business. Popular as a "creative work", it was constructive and dinamic. It has been described as "a very quiet captain of industry out of the regular arrangement of its kind."

Over time, I had never read a book, but he was always ready to plunge very efficiently into the accounts of the company and was very determined when he wanted to contact business people. In his work, he has always vigorously defended his ideas, but also very good for the establishment of new political relations without disclosing his true opinions. Its sole purpose was to obtain favors for their industrial activities.


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