Sunday, August 21, 2011


Ferdinando Innocenti, who since 1933 has enshrined the idea of ​​tubes, in 1936 it was decided to build a facility dedicated to production. Mussolini, at the time wanted to complete the industrial center of Apuania. This was the place where the factory was carried out, and Innocenti to obtain funds necessary to build a new SAFTA (Società Anonima Tubular Steel Manufacture). Holdings, a minority went to Dalmine and a majority of the Innocents.

In 1942, the plant started in 1939 for the construction of seamless tubes was completed and production was partially started. The introduction, around 495 000 square meters wide, included 4 longitudinal parallel horizontal and three floors, containing 3 rolling mills of different lengths. 500 people were employed in the operation assigned to Ing. Alberto Calmes from Luxembourg. He was particularly experienced in the construction of pipes and had a deep knowledge of this activity is carried out in Germany, where he had left for political reasons. Thank you to his ability the tubes were produced directly from ingots and not from the animal rolled after welding. However, production does not continue after the opening phase because Kesserling in retirement, a part of industrial equipment in Germany and partly destroyed the installations.

In November 1948, when the reconstruction speed, the production of pipes and tubes for periods of oil and gas oil was started. Dalmine acquired all of the businesses and moved into SAFTA Another great production. The events of the war has seen a continued commitment to the construction of plants for the production of bullets Innocents. A huge bullet factory had been designed to Lambrate factory, and had to be the largest supplier of the Ministry of War.

Hand, the Ministry of War was designed to share production facilities in several sites. One of them had to be War I (GI, war) to Tor Sapienza, Rome, the production complex of about 40 thousand days projectiles. Innocenti won the race for Fiat, Falck, etc. Thanks to a warranty period longer required. Completed between 1939 and 1942 asked, Innocenti won trust and admiration, and implementation of projects of War War II, and III, in Milan, was for them (between 1940 and 1941).

Guerra II covered a surface of 75,000 m² and was built in the area between Via Tanzi, Via Bistolfi, Pitteri Via, Via Trentacoste. The plant produced sintered copper rings grenades time (on a German patent). Guerra III was made with the machinery from Guerra I after the American landing forces. Its construction began in 1941 to produce (on a German patent) steel profiles of cases of shell, designed to address the shortage of copper. Least two thirds building was interrupted for the events that took place September 8, 1943. The establishment consisted of four structures, two of which were already equipped with presses supplied by the Germans for the extrusion of sockets.


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