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In The Beginning Of The End

This change in the direction of the company held in a particular period in the political, social and financial Italy.


The characteristic of this stage is the political stability of governments and the few who can say that the various parties and politicians in general were more interested in creating centers of power to maintain and increase momentum known high as industrial production the "economic miracle", thanks to which Italy had reached a very high standard and had acquired an important position in the international arena. Political administrations, conditioned by the left parties have not been able to harness the growth potential offered by the industry.


Note that since the Innocenti company has always been very involved in politics, and the union was able to mobilize workers in just a few hours. Better and more humane working conditions and the real benefits that were requested. The "equality" flag is often used as an excuse to transform simple and realistic demands into a class struggle. This unrest damaged production and took the resources of industrial research and investment. Almost every week the company was to endure strikes and had to give in to blackmail of the unions. Necessarily, the union had an influence on company decisions.

Market economy and

Traditional scooter users turned to small cars. In 1967, the Fiat 500 was very comfortable and reliable in its class, and was sold at a very low price of 475 000 pounds, while the SX 200's price is 219 000 pounds! Turin made popular small car also had the advantage of very low power consumption, not far from the Lambretta scooters. Demand for scooters was slowly but inevitably decline, and not enough to support a differentiated production and new projects. The total production of vehicles, including scooters, motorcycles and vans, from 144 000 units per year in 1963, a gradual decrease in 107 150 1966 84 885 1967 82 121 in 1968 and 62 209 in 1969.

The company

After the death of the charismatic figure of the founder, who was always able to control his co-operation, have stopped working synergistically and began to try to gain leadership in the management of the company. "The old pioneer" felt a scooter as a creature, but this was not the case for a strong and leaders who were in his place, so that did not develop the production of the situation demanded. The production has now been times too expensive. At Piaggio, which has suffered from the market itself, the lines were rather rapidly automated. In fact, this company has managed to overcome the difficult moments, thanks to the great financial aid to Fiat.

Gradually the members of the management that they were somehow linked to the legendary Lambretta and development proposal of nostalgia, were losers against those who believed the car a unique opportunity to revive the company. No company has managed to move the machine to the production car. Some, like Triumph, BMW and DKW, the thought of the cars from the start and therefore developed the technology and research in parallel.

Nuccio Bertone in 1967 was responsible for improving the design Lambretta. DL model was produced quickly (January 1968) in the 125-150-200 cc models. Also a new 50 and 75 cc motorcycle mechanics derived from J 50 was produced. This was also designed by Bertone, and production began in March 1968. Despite this last attempt to renew the design Lambretta Innocenti chief of staff in 1968 was already aware that stops the scooter production was only matter of time.

In 1971 Luigi Innocenti had problems with his health and could be used as a difficult situation demands, the left end of the company. The last model (DL) is no longer made in April of that year, and J 50 the following year. Several vans were a reasonable number patterns up to December. Vechicles total in 1971 is made 11222-3400, by DL, 2153, J 50 De Luxe and Special models, vans, and 5669, 72 of which completed the first ten days of January 1972.


Innocent company, leader in the field of two-wheeled vechicles and immense know-how from the research (that certainly surpassed the technology may mean), was sold to Leyland and the heavy engineering division became Innse (Sant'Eustachio Innocents). Thus, the new company would have destroyed the market, trade unions, the myopia of the political class, and an unfortunate heir, when a free hand to slow but unbending Japanese penetration. Plants were emptied and the assembly line model sold in India last year (Scooters India), where the Lambretta models DL 150 and 200 would have been for many years.

In the creation Lambrate cars were made with the Innocenti brand and with BMC engines (the same as the Mini) and later with the Japanese engines (Daiatsu). In the latter, and not much more enlightened management of De Tomaso, the plant also hosted the Maserati assembly line and managed to place models on the market over a very good car, the DC 2000, two and four door, convertible and coupé Maserati Biturbo. But this car was not a success, an event due more to lack of publicity of the qualities of the vehicle. The production then moved to Modena and Innocenti premises every production activity was ceased. The workers were employed in part by Maserati, some of them public institutions, others were encouraged to retire early or at least resign.

When production of the Lambretta also made in India, was called "Grand Prix" and its design has been extensively modified. The die-cast equipment used for over 25 years is offered to the highest bidder, but the amounts proposed are too low, the assembly lines were left to themselves in time and strongly resisted.

Mark Innocenti and the agents were taken over by Fiat and are now used to identify some of their cars, mainly produced in Brazil.

The region that once belonged to Innocenti, at that time engulfed by the city who had seen the industry grow, expand and then dies has been the subject of several plans. One of these, ironic as it may be, is a profanation unconsciuos a company that was once one of the most modern in Europe and is strongly supported by some people who probably never had the chance to own a scooter Lambretta: the plan for a waste recycling plant large, opponents of useless people in the region.

People who, for various reasons, have had something to do with the Innocenti company in the past, at least recall the Lambretta scooter. There is and always will be in each of the world, many owners and fans of this scooter, which is now a cult which was saved from destruction.


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