Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Factory Of Lambretta

Unfortunately, in 1971 / 2 Innocenti factory closed its doors as the owners decided BMC Lambretta were a gadget, and the production of cars was important. It's pretty sad that between four to five years at the time, people who are responsible for BMC have been reported to make decisions about the strange car market in England, where many historians regard as the early death of British car manufacturers and Lambretta Italian!

Innocenti closed when the doors are two and three wheeled products, the factory was sold in all of them, the Indian government, which set up Motor Scooters India Limited. SIL still shows today, but produces only three-wheeled products. Up to SIL Lambrettas closed two wheels around 1998.

Eibar Spanish factory continued long after the closure of Innocenti, Lambretta and Servet built in the 1980s.

Innocents in 1995, most of the factory was demolished and houses built, but some auto-production factories, ports, Center for Studies, Research and design of the Innocents construction, and other small buildings remain, most must be flat .


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