Friday, July 8, 2011

Vespa 200 Rally - 1976

After the Vespa 180’s great success, in 1972 Piaggio presents for the first time the Vespa 200cc. It has immediate success, and the “vespa fans” are even ready to wait for months but to have it. In the same year, the advertising campaign “Le Sardomobili” appears, with the following pay-off: “two powerful and brisk wheels, with quick reflexes, two “rally” wheels pushed by the new 12 hp engine which reaches 5,700 rpm, two mighty wheels that zoom safely up to 110 km/h.”

From an esthetical point of view, the Vespa Rally 200 is immediately recognizable for its adhesive strips on the side bags and on the mudguard. On the side, the writing “electronic” states that the powerful engine is started electronically, a technological solution adopted by Piaggio for the first time on this model.

The Vespa Rally 200 was produced from 1972 to 1979 in over 41,700 samples.


2-stroker engine with horizontal cylinder

Bore: 66.5 mm - Stroke: 57 mm - Top speed: 110 km /h

Displacement: 197.97 cc

Suspension: coil spring with hydraulic shock absorber on both wheels and double-effect hydraulic shock-absorbers

Brakes: drums

Tyres: 3.50-10”

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Roberto said...

"Electronic" refers to the way the spark is delivered and not on how the engine is started. That is called electric start and the Rally 200 did not have that fitted.
The electronic ignition uses an electronic sensor (pickup) to ecite the high tension coil at the required precise time, thus eliminating the need for contact breaker points.
Tha was fitted on other Vespa before the 200. Get your fact straight before you write this rubbish.

Anonymous said...

no, it definitely has an electric starter

sempre em 4ª said...

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