Friday, June 10, 2011

Vespa 98 II Serie - 1947

The second series of the Vespa 98, of which 16,500 units were produced, included significant improvements over the preceding model, design-wise as well as in terms of technical and practical aspects. The front mudguard no longer had a hatch opening, and it had been reduced in size to make wheel changing easier in case of a puncture, a frequent occurrence in the post-war period because of bad roads. The engine start lever had been re-designed to make it easier to manipulate. The lights had a different shape and size. The metallic grey paint recalls the colour of the Piaggio aircraft range. Magazines of the period noted that potential customers had to wait eight months for their Vespa 98. This led to the creation of a flourishing black market, with Vespas being sold at as much as double their normal retail price.


Single cilynder two-stroke engine, horizontal cast iron cylinder with press-fit light alloy head

Bore: 50 mm - Stroke: 50 mm - Displacement: 98 cc

Top speed: 60 km/h

Suspension: with spiral springs on the front wheel, rubber pad on the rear wheel

Brakes: drum

Tyres: 3.50-8”

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