Friday, June 10, 2011

Vespa 125 U - 1953

Only 7,000 of this Vespa U were produced, and so today it is among those scooters most sought after by collectors.

It was launched in 1953 as an “economy” model, the “U” standing for “utility”, and its price to the public of 110,000 lire was intended to offset competition by Lambretta.

For the first time, a Vespa aimed at the Italian market mounted the headlight on the handlebars rather than on the front mudguard.


Two-stroke single cylinder engine with deflector piston

Bore: 56.5 mm - Stroke: 49.8 mm - Displacement: 124.85 cc

Maximum speed: 40.38 mph

Suspension: helicoidal spring on the front wheel, hydraulic shock-absorber with helicoidal spring on the rear wheel

Brakes: drums

Tyres: 3.50-8"


Anonymous said...

Do you have more images of this model? I only ever see side and 3/4 angles. What did it look like from the front, back and top I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Unknown said...

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