Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lambretta Model Vega / Lui / Cometa

As the battle to be the first individual on the celestial satellite obtained speed, Innocenti's new fashion was released, the Luna array (Luna indicating gold moon). The models searched very superior for their day, reverting back to the start structure fashion of the much popular 'D' types, and although revenue were slowly to start with, sporting achievement from lawn following to enterprise sporting, soon created them a revenue achievement. Created by Bertone Innocenti desired a tiny structure and website Lambretta that could be available along side the greater styles. The structure was tubular material entry end, with secure on leg safety measures, and a monocoque constrained material raise structure. Engine sensible two designs were available with regards to measurements, 50cc and 75cc. Model sensible you could choose from the J50C, J50CL and J50S for the small 50cc styles, and the J75S and J75S Cometa for the greater applications. For the Italian language industry the styles were named Lui, all move areas on the 75cc designs were named Vega or Cometa, the latter being famous mainly by offering "lubematic" an oil treatment program for the energy program.

The J50 C was the starting fashion, both the C and the CL included a 49.8cc website, three rates, developing 1.48hp, through a box variety fatigue. 3.00*10 in. car tyres sat on rim wheels created from certain aluminum, stopping was finned percussion entry and rear. Both styles saw a short double hold variety design, which was really only competent of sitting one individual. The C had chromed cycle deal with night clubs and a bolted on entry and rear lighting model, while the more high quality CL obtained the more common Lui / Vega forged deal with night clubs, with created in lighting model. The earth panels of the CL obtained plastic pads. The J50S was generally the small variation of the 75cc styles, with longer common variety hold, the same forged deal with bar and lighting model, and around raise lighting. It should be famous all the 50cc designs only included a one stream major headlight!

The Vega was the most popular fashion (in the UK), with an website known as 75S (75cc), with the other fashion being known as a Cometa. The Cometa's website was the 75SL, which was a 'lubematic', quite simply recommended you did not have to have a petriol mix as with all earlier Lambretta's, as the oil was put into a different container which created its own way into the website. A new fantastic up and over fatigue was used, total with a he dark warm protect. Main and dipped stream were additional to the 75cc styles, along with a raise stopping system lighting. A double hold was installed as common, with a raise carrier and symptoms being available as an recommended extra. A tiny chromed I logo was installed to the leg safety measures just within the head set. For the home Italian language industry the styles were only available in red or gold and used a Lui logo. For move areas, natural, aqua blue and red were additional to the colors available, and the Lui logo was changed with products with the fashion "Vega" instead.

All in all the Lui/Vega array was not a hugh achievement for Innocenti, probably with fashion way before its time, and the common decline of two wheeled revenue around the world due to inexpensive tiny motors being available saw the array quit development in May 1969. No one can question the looks of the fashion, even currently whether you love it or dislike it, the Lui / Vega array could still total as a current product.


Length : 1700mm
Width: 635mm
Height : 966mm
Weight : 68kg
Capacity : 49.8cc
Bore : 38mm
Stroke : 44mm
Power : 1.48hp @ 4,600 rpm
Max speed 25mph
Fuel Consumption 169 mpg

Colours : Orange (8037) Blue (8016), Silver (8081) Yellow (8080), Green (8039) White (8082)
Frame Numbers :
Engine Numbers : Not Known
Carburettor Dell'Orto SHB14/12
Tyre Size 3.00*10
Ft pressure 22 lb/
R pressure 26 lb/

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lambretta GP Range / DL

The L.i 125 Specific, S.X 150 and 200 which had been available, were all improved by the new Bertone created Lambretta G.P (D.L.) array. It was available in three website styles, again 125, 150 and 200, which had many changes over its forebears. This fashion for most areas was named the DL, but in the UK and some other areas the fashion was named the Grandma Prix. This was due to the truth that in the later 1950's Method one sporting was at its heyday in the UK with people such as Jackie Stewart were big information and Lambretta Concessionaires desired to promote the new fashion in a way to coordinate its having looks.

The fresh created system was reduced and sleeker, providing the GP/DL more having looks, more compact leg safety measures, reduced horn launching, a block head set and lighting model was also used. Raise lighting was improved to a cheap merchandise with bones in it, forks, which were 1 in. reduced, tires and locations were all displayed gold. The GP200 obtained a dvd braking program and entry dampers, again all displayed in a Fiat 690 Silver. Dark cuts and rubbers we installed a crack away variety the standard gray Innocenti had used before. The luxurious area systems included no badges or sensations, but instead used black lines, and tiny cheap grilles inset into an indentation in the area systems. All area systems for these styles were now video on, as the very last SX styles. A attached and restyled entry mudguard was installed which all bundled to present a sportier graphic for the new fashion. Ink splats (supposedly due to an debate when Bertone used his pen down on the options after an debate with Innocenti, over reduce colours) were the major emblem, except in the UK where chequered banners were used to go with its Grandma Prix name. The back structure badges from earlier styles was improved by a grille, badging on the scooter was as follows: - Lambretta emblem, then a forged either DL or Grandma Prix emblem dependant out there with the website is also on the same emblem. A tiny Innocenti I emblem was on the horn launching, and an Innocenti lean line variety emblem was installed on the rear of the structure.

Engine sensible the GP125 very much maintained the website variety the Li 125 Specific with a few tiny changes. A Dell'Orto 20mm carburettor was used, managing through a new one element carburettor to air box knee plastic was used. Engine statistics were still placed Li125S, but the GP obtained its own variety array.

Again with the 150cc model, this was again very much maintained over from the tried and examined SX model, and again maintained the SX150 covering personality. Porting changes and a few other mods saw energy increase to 9.4bhp. SH22/2 carburettors were installed, again using the new carburettor air line.

200cc styles again maintained the SX200 plastic stamping, but as with all other GP styles obtained its own variety array. A greater tapered handle and different flywheel was used on the 200 styles, serving to deal with the added energy created from the website variations. The 200 gearbox discussed the same rates as the 125 styles, but produced the added energy by managing 18/47 sprockets. The GP200 was competent of nearly 70mph according to the catalogues, although not a lot more then the styles it improved, the major obtain from the GP was speed.

The 125 had color selections of whitened or aqua blue, and was not really added in into the UK during its development as the laws and regulations sometimes granted student individuals to experience up to 250cc without driving a examine, hence Lambretta concessonaires determined to adhere to the 150 and 200 styles. The 150 color options were dependant out there they were available into as to the selection available. Italian language property industry styles were availible in 1 color of whitened or red, when styles meant for the move industry could be preferred in a two develop selection of whitened and then either red or pink for the area systems. A Lambretta concessionaires publication no (6/69) saw Lambretta UK number color selections as. All hawthorn whitened with black collections, hawthorn white/ocean pink, orbit red (yellow ochre), astral pink (turquoise). 200cc styles for the Italian language property industry were always Green Ochre, when move areas again obtained more selection. The information page for Lambretta concessionaires outlined martian red and luna particles (yellow ochre) as the only two selections.

Again as with almost all other styles before, Innocenti created mid development variations. To start with beginning models had displayed horn and hold grilles, with the later black cheap. Material gas flap and gray cheap toolboxes available way to black cheap gas flap and toolboxes. Lastly, it is often believed that it was the Indians who determined to use products, instead of guys and crazy to protected the company situation include, but actually the very last G.P's to throw of the series were guaranteed in this way.

The remaining supplement to the GP array was the GP200 Electrical, which came about from a relationship between Innocenti and Ducati. This fashion as it brands indicates obtained searching for ignition program. Gone was the common items and condensor that had been used by all other Lambrettas earlier, being change by a choose up box and CDI model. The CDI model was installed to a tiny range and was red in color, as was the HT head arriving from it! A new waffle fashion hold was installed, this waffle variety structure was first seen on the Manufacturing facility 200cc double pump prototype scooter, but created it into development on the electronic. To further recognize the new scooter, searching for tag improved the ink splat / chequered banner on the leg safety measures. It is not known exactly how many technology were created, as although they were created towards the end of the of the GPs believed to be from around May 1970, common items and condensor styles and the technology were created along area each other.

Sadly in May of 1971, the last ever total G.P thrown off the series, with 15,300 125's, 20,048 150's (plus another 1,402 available in kit variety to other markets) and 9,350 200 being created. The tale does not end here though, as the Indian native administration added all the pedaling from Innocenti and created the GP for many more years!


Length : 1800mm
Width: 680mm
Height : 1012mm
Weight : 118kg 125
120kg 150
123kg 200
Capacity : 123cc, 148cc and 198cc
Bore : 52mm 125
57mm 150
66mm 200
Stroke : 58mm
Power : 7.3hp @ 6,200rpm 125
8.7hp @ 6300rpm 150
11.7hp @ 6200rpm
Max speed 57mph 125
63mph 150
68mph 200
Fuel Consumption 112 mpg

Colours : Turquoise(8016), White(8082), Orange(8037), Red(8073) & Yellow Orche(8080). Panel colours Red(8073) and Blue
Frame Numbers : GP 125 22/1
GP150 22/0
GP200 22/2
Engine Numbers : GP 125 LI125S
GP150 SX150
GP200 SX200
Carburettor Dell'Orto SH1/20 125
Dell'Orto SH2/22 150 & 200
Tyre Size 3.50*10
Ft pressure 18 lb/
R pressure 28 lb/

Friday, October 21, 2011

Lambretta model Special X / SX Range

Job Specific X was started to obtain more of a look of quality and consideration to element that Innocenti was well-known for. Lambretta presented their new fashion with the saying "SX appeal" and the new fashion was to be available in two website styles, these being 150cc and 200cc. For the 150cc variation, it obtained very few in the way of aesthetic changes from the Li 150 special it changed, how ever when compared to area by area more simple changes can be seen. The six dollar element head set was maintained, as was the area systems with badging and sensations. A opera horn launching grille was additional to the horn launching, along with a opera display down the center of the entry mudguard. Badging was Specific and X150 on the entry leg safety measures, a crest logo was still included on the leg safety measures, as was a greater scripted Lambretta logo as identified recently on the 125 Specific. For the 200 variation, a few more changes were created. New fashion area systems with a more directed arrow set of sensations saw the website measurements 200 also forged as part of the badging. No raise sensations were identified as on the 150 styles, but the area systems maintained the two Lambretta badges. A raise structure logo on a whitened history, with the wording Lambretta Innocenti published in black emails was identified on both styles.

Both the 150 and the 200 were created with the non opera band headphones as included on the very last TV styles, the 200 fashion obtained a entry dvd braking system and damper forks as installed to the TV styles, while the tried and examined entry drum was used on 150 styles, both styles were drum braked at the raise. The 200 styles were installed with a 90mph speedo, the 150 with a 70mph model. The experience of the speedo was improved for the SX styles, the switch was a reduce experience menu, and a whitened reduce or encompass was installed on top of this just under the cup.

Engine sensible the SX150 obtained some changes in the website section. Porting variations saw energy increase to 9.38bhp providing a wholesome top rate of around 56mph. Items rates were improved to indicate the new energy result, and to help give a better experience. a Dello'Orto SH1/20 carburettor was installed, and Innocentis believed results of 118 mpg still created the SX energy effective.

The 200 fashion obtained more changes over its forerunner, as the TV200 was not without its issues. Gearing, fatigue, piston, and website supports were all improved to improve Innocentis top of the array scooter. Power was up very a little over the TV fashion to 11bhp, which offered the SX200 a top rate of 66mph when still coming 93mpg.

As with all Innocentis products, many changes were again created mid development. Starting cases came with whitened lighting changes, later shifting to black, the standard deal with variety area systems offered way to video on products. Material device containers later improved to gray cheap products, the horn forged drest was improved to an aluminum merchandise with a pink history, with the term Innocenti. Forks had their changes to, going from the secure in kind of buffers to the video in variety, the last SX150 styles also had gold rim wheels and locations.

Colour sensible, Innocnti reduced large selection on all styles, the 150 being available in either Grey or whitened, when a second color of red or pink could be additional to the area systems. For the 200cc, the Italian language home industry was even more limited, all styles came in whitened, with an ox body hold color. How ever those meant for the more beneficial move industry obtained a selection of hold include colors from natural, black pink and lighting pink. The SX200s that were brought in into the UK could be preferred in a more vivid structure. The primary whitened on the area systems, horn forged V and head set top was changed with either red, natural, precious metal, pink, black, and pink.

By the time development ceased in The month of january of 1969, some three years after beginning, 31,238 150cc designs had remaining the series. The Italians identified the cost of developing the fashion to large, and of the 20,783 200cc designs created, most identified their way to the UK as Indian scooterists had a starvation for the greater ability models. The SX200 to this day still keeps a popular, and styles can control expensive, care and a lot of study should be set up when getting such cases.


Length : 1800mm
Width: 700mm
Height : 1290mm
Weight : 110kg
Capacity : 148cc and 198cc
Bore : 57mm 150
66mm 200
Stroke : 58mm
Power : 9.38hp @ 6300rpm 150
11hp @ 6200rpm 200
Max speed 56mph 150
66mph 200
Fuel Consumption 118 mpg 150
93mpg 200

Colours : Grey (8070) and White (8039), panel colours Red and Blue(150's)
White (8059), panel colours Red, Green, Gold, Blue, Black and Purple.(200's)
Frame Numbers :
Engine Numbers : SX150
Carburettor Dell'Orto SH1/20
Tyre Size 3.50*10
Ft pressure 18 lb/
R pressure 28 lb/

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lambretta model TV Range

Production began in March 1962 by the new flagship, the TV175. The new "fine style" range of scooters Innocenti function closer working the body and then the two models is occasional, new side panels with a band without problems in the bulb to replace the old model. Shields legs fine new floor panels, front and center. The helmet has a slight edge hexagon with a speedometer as news, the lights were controlled mainly by a switch in various positions, with one bathroom and switch on the handlebar road with a horn button. The front fender is made from fiberglass, perhaps in an attempt to gain weight. The TV was also the first production of two wheeled vehicles to gain a disc brake, this was a joint venture between Innocenti and an Italian company called Campagnolo.

Engine wise TV175 received a new small SH / 1 series carburetor 20mm Dellorto, improved airflow, porting and exhaust, so all the power a little 8.7bhp. New motor mount vibration more smooth, but not quite so many new machines would vibrate on crossed.

Again, in mid-production changes with them as soon as possible to take the collar mounting panels, with the look and become more round for the panel flashes three fingers on the work of the panel into the recess in the front and rear. First color options-white, and white as dominant color, yellow or orange on the second, on the Horn of the cast and fender were some of the many colors available. Finally, two shades of light gray / dark gray and ivory / coffee was available, with the new models are available in white or metallic blue. Metallic blue has had its own metallic blue rear frame signs. In October 1965, television was just over 37,794 in the 3175 building, not just a series of two similar figures are due to arrival of a new flagship, the TV (GT), 200

It was crazy 200cc British power finally put into production. Peter Agg, CEO Lambretta Ltd distributor in the UK, went to get the machine Innocenti higher speed over quality. He refused to be told that they would not make the engines more powerful, if the British wanted larger machines must be purchased motorcycles. But Peter Agg persisted Innocenti and finally decided that the British could have a greater capacity, but the dealers have to cover the guarantee that Innocenti did not approve the model. So the 200cc became available, a standard 175cc machine, with slight modifications to the mouth of the casing, bored 198cc and the rest, as they left the factory. The 200 was a success, with great acceleration and speed than ever before, but then the problems started with the engine mounts could not cope and escape falling.

These problems have been solved by placing two blocks on both sides of the mounting bracket and a second muffler, and the rest of the world soon learned that the British had their car, where the demand for forces to produce the correct TV Innocents. Any changes to the UK was held in collaboration with the machines of different relationships and carbohydrates updated, all by improving the output power 10.75bhp to 70 mph. TV 200 was sold in France, Switzerland, United States, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom, but not in Italy, so it's a small business success is built of 14 short-batch production, which ended in October 1965 982. Once again, listening to the heart of the production of small changes to the TV 175, 200 Gt Britain was known as the trend in car takes its name from the GT, or Gran Turismo.


Length : 1800mm
Width: 700mm
Height : 1035mm
Weight : 110kg
Capacity : 175cc and 198cc
Bore : 62mm 175
66mm 200
Stroke : 58mm
Power : 8.7hp @ 5300rpm 175
10.75hp @ 5700rpm 200
Max speed 58mph 175
70mph 200
Fuel Consumption 118 mpg

Colours : Grey (8011), White (8059), Metallic Blue(8062), Yellow (8064), panel colours for TV200 painted by Lambretta Concessionaires of Red, Green, Gold, Blue, or Black
Frame Numbers : 175 TV3
Engine Numbers : 175 TV2
Carburettor Dell'Orto SH1/20
Tyre Size 3.50*10
Ft pressure 18 lb/
R pressure 28 lb/

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Li Special

In 1963, Li 150 Special was presented with several new features. Designed as a sportier version with standard Li, but a cheaper alternative to TV, the special was granted different style, the way of the new revision of the 3 Series, the panel's work for television, including a kit octagonal headset, keeps fenders, gray trunk and side panels. The side panels have flashing fingers in front and rear, and two cards of Lambretta. A two-seater has been proposed as a standard, but bucket seats were optional Li in some markets. Engine 150 was a wise change of cylinder head and, strangely enough, but not 18 mm carburetor, which is an increase in power compared to the standard box 6.6bhp 8.25bhp Li has also been revised to use the rise, with new closer ratios, which has been and remains a favorite of scooter riders.

These boxes are not without problems though as the third gear was thinner than normal which caused them to break, so Innocenti after he changed to a thicker in later models, with slightly different ratios. In the UK the special Li 150 was marketed as the pacemaker, a label, a pacemaker is directly below the logo on the front leg shield. Distributors pop group Gerry and the Pacemakers in a wide range of promotional materials.

A 125cc version was introduced in October 1965 (mainly due to tax benefits in Italy), and if something was a more highly tuned the 150th Equipped with a 20mm carburetor with further changes in the barrel and piston, corresponding to 150, and also an increase in compression ratio, so that the 125 provides an output 7.12bhp and a top speed of about 50 mph. When the 125 version rated higher than his brother was in the 150cc acceleration due to low speed used on this model. This box is gone and later found their way into sports GP 125 and GP200 models. Despite its sporty, very few were imported to England when the British market wanted higher capacity machines, how are you ever in recent years, many coming over from Italy with dealers or individuals benefit from this machine.
Once again in mid-production changes to both 125 and 150 included moving to a larger helmet removed the chrome ring located between the atrium and cast horn, black teeth, instead of gray, cut buffers on the fork bolt past them, and clip on side panels instead of the usual handle type more commonly known were others. The crested shield badge gave way to an alloy badge with a blue background on the newer models, as did replacing the metal tool boxes with gray plastic items

Two models were introduced in 1965 by Innocenti, possibly, is to assist in the sale or commissioning of the 125 small models. Special Money, which was not very impressive because even the special gold and silver, which was completely including wheels and hubs, forks etc., painted in a pale gold. Both models gained rear frame badge with a special mention, with dependents either gold or silver in color of the bike, while in the front of the badge gold-plated silver or installed in the right leg shield. The model has however a brown vinyl seat

By the time production stopped in October 1966, a very respectable 69,529,150 29,841,125 Specials and has been produced. With the color options of white or metallic blue for 125 150s were available in silver or gold from the factory, but as with other models Lambretta dealers offer a wider choice because they are green on white, with panel color red or blue.


Length : 1800mm
Width: 700mm
Height : 1035mm
Weight : 110kg
Capacity : 125cc and 150cc
Bore : 52mm 125
57mm 150
Stroke : 58mm
Power : 7.12hp @ 5500rpm 175
7.6hp @ 5600rpm 150
Max speed 48mph 125
53mph 150
Fuel Consumption 122mpg(125's)

Colours :
White, Metallic Blue (8061) 125 models
White, Green, Red, Blue, Silver (8060), Gold (8063) 150 models
Frame Numbers : 125LiS
Engine Numbers : 125LiS
Carburettor Dell'Orto SH1/20 125
SH1/18 150
Tyre Size 3.50*10
Ft pressure 18 lb/
R pressure 28 lb/

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Li Series 3

The Li 'slim style' of three was the beginning of a long production cycle, and almost all future large frame models have been developed by Li Li 3 The third series was a great design of the sixties, and a lot of publicity for scooter model and sixties icon Jane Mansfield used, either standing or sitting on Li's work the body and the panel itself was new in the design, thinner and thinner than two series it replaced. New headlight, horn cast, thin legs shields, panels, rear step, all helped to make it "look thin style", although thinner! Double seats were single seat fitted as standard on these machines, although the internal double seat was an option available if desired. The new series of three models got rear frame badge holders rather than the previous model grids false. These badges, was the model or LI125 or LI150

Technical details on the panels of most remains the same, although a number of minor changes in cosmetics. A new carburetor, SH18, star of cell built in less than Neath the carburetor instead of the background MA / MB tank. This carburetor takes into account not only miles per gallon increase, but also helped to increase the overall speed of the bulk Li's new Start Stop bulbous once was removed from the S1 / 2 for a more efficient casing string. Because of the thinness of the body and the floor boards, a bass drum pedal with less than a withdrawal was used. Carburetor pipe, keeping the look of previous models and need not be so long to close the gap between the elbow and the carburetor air box. The air box was also given a slight revision, thinner and with a metal collar and a new air filter cartridge design used.

A square box exhaust with dual U to separate the bottle was equipped with the box and replaced the exhaust pipe separated and double or previous models. All UK models come with a battery that provides power to the parking lights, what was a legal requirement for British vehicles at that time. The battery also has the power of the horn and brake light. All other markets were the direct lighting system is even more common in Lambretta

The front suspension was the same design with links back Innocenti sitting on cushions, but slightly different in shape and thin. The rear suspension is again the unit is still the same type of combined choke as in previous models, although it was now an inch shorter. Braking received small cosmetic changes, and remained in the front and rear drum. The locking tab washer on the rear axle now sitting in a recess in the center itself, which also won an extra hole for a total of three to facilitate placement of the ring. The rear axle has been tightened to the torque setting of 150 pounds, but the choice of the three screw holes in the place made for easy connection to the torque from the factory.

With a production this time, in fact the longest of any model, many changes in the middle of the production cycle have been made. At the beginning of the series 3 Li used four pole stators made during the second round later models made the six-pin system that uses more coils of light to give a better electricity. Gear ratios are changed in the 125 models to improve speed. With changes in existing and new models that have been made, then the model has received and Li. In 1965, the chrome ring on the helmet was removed, the void left by being taken up by the issue of the hull of the funds.

In 1967 Innocenti produced a batch of 125 models of Li, who now found themselves mired in a bit of mystery. Do not know why approximatetly 1400 of these models were made, presumably they were built to fulfill a specific order. A first of S4 Li seems to be a 'normal' Li, but a closer examination of the subtle changes can be seen. No more screws in the range of damping to be replaced by favored type push on other machines at the time, the side panels were the clip on type and not the normal type of handle. The horn cast badge crest was replaced by a silver alloy plate color, with a formulation of Innocenti on the ground in the middle of nowhere again. Distinctive rear frame was changed to Li as we have seen 125, Lambretta Innocenti mounted type SX models. In the side panels, toolboxes gray plastic, were equipped. Sage color paint, it is believed that the Li 4 that has never been proposed to blue light (8070) color.

As we know, any publicity material was ever produced for this model, we believe they were built for a specific command. Chassis numbers were changed, even to read 125Li4.

Equilibrium with its long cycle of low-cost production and the evolution of the parts used and equipped with the Li Series 3 was a commercial success for Innocenti. 150c 143 091 146 models were 125cc and 734 models left the factory doors Innocenti.


Length : 1800mm
Width: 700mm
Height : 1035mm
Weight : 104kg
Capacity : 123cc & 150cc
Bore : 52mm (125) 58mm (150)
Stroke : 58mm
Power : 5hp @ 5,200 rpm 125cc
6.6hp @5,300
Max speed 45mph Li 125
51mph Li 150
Fuel Consumption 135mpg(125's)

Colours : Grey (8068) Green (8015) Li 125's
Grey (8068), White (8059) Panel colours Ruby Red (8047), Sky Blue (8038) and Nile Green(8015) Li 150's
Frame Numbers : 125Li
After the prefix, 150LI3, the first model would have the frame number 600,001. The 125 version however, is not quite as straight forward. The first 125 Series 3 had the frame number 001,001, and this continued in sequence up to 148,000. Then the prefix changed to 125LI4 and on these final models the frame numbers re started at 149,000.
Engine Numbers : 125Li & 150Li
Carburettor Dell'Orto SH1/18
Tyre Size 3.50*10
Ft pressure 18 lb/
R pressure 28 lb/

Friday, October 7, 2011

Model TV Series 2

October 1969 saw the TV 2 has introduced Innocenti scooters marketed as the "sports scooter". Style is based on the end of the Li series 1, but with some changes. A hull reworked, now made a new shot with the direction of light, and floor mats instead of the runners were the major differences. All TVs come with a standard double seat, with a choice of two stools. Changes in production were half of the backlight back style first found in the first television series, offering greater lighting zone last. Again, depending on the model of the first series, the first examples of the second set kept the door round horn, with which after moving to a larger grille, pear-shaped horns. Forks were selected from the first series, and has a color code printing. The front brake has been upgraded to one of the options presented on the disc, but always with drum brakes.

An interesting aspect of the second TV series, was apparently the same power increase, which highlighted the weakness of the body. Alloy Steel are some examples very soon began to break. Innocent recalled all models, and it has been discontinued. Innocent response was to cut the side frame, welded to the flat plate, and then weld the frame back together, which improves the strength. This decision is now behind us, it was very strange, most must have cost a lot of money to implement these changes Innocents, would scrap boxes and start again. When all the current framework was changed, Innocenti better resistance of the frames, making them thicker gauge tube. Chassis numbers in two TV series, appeared in two groups, whose first version was mainly those who needed to change was one, thick successive frames started 2

Now the engine crankshaft 58 mm Stoke, but with a 117mm stem length of 108 mm Li barrel coated with a different and piston. Gone are the awkward arrangement of the first round trip, to be replaced by a single piston, which engaged the first gear teeth. Carburetion is further reduced in size to 21 mm in the afternoon, from the earliest examples of 23mm. Production was still 8.6bhp claimed, with a maximum speed of 65 mph!

The badging on television had the same time "Lambretta wheel cover," as the models of Li, but large plate screws TV175 below. Shields had a leg shield in the center of the horn casting, which hid two screws to help ensure the distribution of the horn, and badge clip. Shields on the stretch placed a thin chrome Lambretta badge, the flagship model TV175 then re-chrome. UK models also gained a round copper plate with St. George the dragon on it. All rubbers and trim, was gray, with control cables, except the following: - The rubber feet were black and standing kick, the joint was white rear lights

Again, as in the sister model, the Li, the television series was the second ten pounds more expensive than the series it replaced, which helped sales to compete. The color choices are Ivory, light blue, and some two-tone yellow or gray, with the second dominant color of the side panels in blue or red and horns. When production stopped in November 1961 over 34,000 examples were built.


Length : 1930mm
Width: 710mm
Height : 1060mm
Weight : 115kg
Capacity : 175cc
Bore : 62mm
Stroke : 58mm
Power : 8.6hp @ 6,000 rpm
Max speed 65mph
Fuel Consumption 123 mpg

Colours : Ivory (8028), Blue (8042)
Frame Numbers : Prefix was 175TV2. Although there were only 34,928 TV175 models manufactured their frame numbers are in two distinct groups. Early models, and these include those with the reinforced frame tube, have frame numbers commencing 1 ....... and later models have frame numbers commencing 2.
Engine Numbers : 175TV2
Carburettor Dell'Orto MB 23 BS5 early
MB21BS7 late
Tyre Size 3.50*10
Ft pressure 18 lb/
R pressure 28 lb/

Monday, October 3, 2011

Model Li Series 2

October 1959 as a series 2 coming on the market, launched with the slogan Lambrettability see exciting new places, enjoy new experiences exciting and take advantage of great new friends Lambrettability!. Advertisements featuring a photograph of a man and a woman on a beach next to a Lambretta S2. Ads also continued in a state of "Lambretta scooter popular in the UK. It was the truth, because Li 150 Series 2 was the best-selling model they ever made, with 150 and 125 versions of 270,000 examples were made.

Engine wise a few changes have been made in the first series, the longer the cylinder and piston has been installed, all the models with air extraction systems were the latest versions from a series, with the air intake between the two seats or benches on the case and the pigsty, where the power down the carburetor through the metal pipe, then, on top of the rubber tube to join the carb. Carburartion went to the one-size-MB19, BS5 for 125 and 150 for BS7

Series 2, now with a lighthouse built on the upper hull, which toured with management. Li 125 models come with standard front seat, while the 150 was back too. The back of the 125 was an economical choice and a single seat. Ground was 125 to 150 different models, the 125 had a gray rubber floor with chains "cross cross" alloy top. Versions have alloy 150 channels with rubber inserts in them, to finish with rubber tips. Changes in production were half of the backlight back style first found in the first series of Li, the lighting in the area offer more the latter. Again, depending on the model of the first series, the first examples of the second set kept the door round horn, with which after moving to a larger grille, pear-shaped horns.

Li was the badging on the same time "Lambretta wheel cover" as the first set of models. Shields leg was a ridge in the middle of the horn casting, which hid two bolts to help secure the cast of horn, and the badge clip. On the leg shields was fitted a thin chrome Lambretta badge, with either a badge or LI125 LI model 150 under it, re-chromed. UK models also gained a copper plate round, with St Georges dragon on it. All the rubber gaskets and the body is gray, with control cables, except the following: - The rubber feet were black and kick stand, rear light seal body is white. Further improvements were primarily the engine, let alone crankshaft and bearings. Colors for the two series have generally been two-tone red / black, blue / gray, coffee / cream, yellow / orange with gray, then complete the mistletoe green, Winchester, blue, light blue and red. Most seats come with seat separate, later, they came with a double seat as standard.

The new models were even cheaper than a series of models that have replaced the Innocenti contribute to the sale.


Length : 1825mm
Width: 710mm
Height : 1038mm
Weight : 105kg
Capacity : 123cc & 150cc
Bore : 52mm (125) 58mm (150)
Stroke : 58mm
Power : 5.2hp @ 5,200 rpm 125cc
6.5hp @5,300
Max speed 43mph Li 125
50mph Li 150
Fuel Consumption 120 mpg

Colours : Blue (8031) & two tone Grey (8040 & 8019) Li 125's
Blue & Grey (8014) Panel colours Red (8047), Blue (8031) and Green(8015) Li 150's
Frame Numbers : After the prefix of either 125Li or 150Li depending on engine size, the frame number will consist of 6 digits. The first Li 125 series 1 would have the frame number 5000,001 and the first 150 model would have the frame number 7000,001.
Engine Numbers : 125Li & 150Li
Carburettor Dell'Orto MB 18 BS5 125
MB19BS 150
Tyre Size 3.50*10
Ft pressure 18 lb/
R pressure 28 lb/

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